Daily Archives: April 3, 2013


By Dan Kervick

(Brussels)  Nonplussed by this week’s unemployment report showing the Eurozone jobless rate rising to an unprecedented 12%, members of the European Parliament and Europe’s national governments pressed ahead on Wednesday with passage of a stringent new package of austerity measures.  Dubbed “hyperaustérité” or “Übersparpolitik” by its backers, the new program of ruthless cuts and social demolition promises to deliver even higher levels of joblessness, misery and hopelessness than has been achieved so far by earlier rounds of austerity.

Along with the new economic measures, the European Union (EU) also announced its intention to change its name to the “European Sadomasochistic Cult.”  The new ESC will take the leading role in the implementation of European hyperausterity.

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The Love of Money

NEP’s Randy Wray appeared on radioLitopia discussing Money, Banksters, Austerity and other issues. You can listen using the player below or visit radioLitopia’s site [some have reported having problems with the embedded player].