The Bank Whistleblowers United Campaign Funding Plan: Say “No” to Contributions from Financial Felons

In order to restore the rule of law, we ask every candidate for the nomination of their party for the presidency to pledge that they will not take contributions from any financial firm (or contributions above $250 from their officers) that the United States or its agencies have, after investigation, charged with committing the legal elements of fraud.  That list includes virtually all of the largest banks in the U.S. and Europe and Freddie and Fannie.  Indeed, most of these financial giants have admitted that they conducted massive frauds.

3 responses to “The Bank Whistleblowers United Campaign Funding Plan: Say “No” to Contributions from Financial Felons

  1. What are the banks and banksters going to do with their ill gotten gains if they can’t buy protection? Buy condos in Rio maybe.

  2. Just a few thoughts on this: I think it is a great idea forming a group with experienced individuals to highlight what is wrong, especially ones who can point directly to specific points where the system, regulators, etc., are failing the public. However, for all of us that have been screaming are heads off for years about the fact the system, politicians, banks, and regulatory agencies are corrupted, from the Occupy movement, E. Warren, etc., without being able to effect huge changes, I would ask: What is new to your game plan, and what is it? The mainstream media won’t publish stories on these issues to build awareness. They are bought and paid for through advertising revenue and intimidated by the banking industry, with editors killing stories on the issues when reporters try and raise them… believe me, I have seen it. Ditto with the corrupt politicians largely, and therefore the DOJ & regulators are on a leash because of this to a great extent as well. If doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, then what is it your group will do differently to bring a change to the system and highlight problems that has not been tried before? What’s the plan of attack? It is clear to me that it is going to take more than words and shouting to bring changes, it’s not an armchair exercise. It’s going to take a basket of lawsuits, well places FOIA requests to get damning evidence to be used in a fight, cooperation with other groups that have media or other access that scares those in power (NAACP, ACLU, etc.) In short, to affect change it’s going to take blunt force trauma in the form of actions that scare politicians and the banks, and that gets attention in this election year. Would love to hear some specifics, and what will be done. Today Google is celebrating Frederick Douglass, and his timely words are true as ever, ” Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will”….. asking for change time is over, it’s time for action and demanding.

  3. while not part of the “whistleblower’ subject, but in the same vernacular of getting a pledge from the candidates, “that they will not take contributions from any financial firm”, how about the same pledge from the ‘gun’ folks, i.e., manufacturers and legislators