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James K. Galbraith on the Global Financial Crisis

See below James K. Galbraith’s lecture in Dublin, June 5 2009, at the Institute for International and European Affairs, on the current economic crisis. With Q&A and a small postscript.

Financial Architecture Fundamentals

Click here to view Warren Mosler’s presentation on financial architecture fundamentals.

A ‘people first’ strategy

Click here to read James K. Galbraith’s piece on the Guardian.

Alternative Stimulus and Bailout Proposals

Click here to listen to the audio of session 6 of the 18th Annual Hyman P. Minsky Conference on the State of the U.S. and World Economies. The order of the session is as follows:

Click here to see “No Return to Normal”, by James K. Galbraith, The Levy Economics Institute and University of Texas at Austin

Click here to see“Alternative Proposals for a U.S. Nonconvertible Currency Regime”, Warren Mosler, Valance Company, Inc.

Click here to see“Riding the Debt Deflation Guardrails”, Robert W. Parenteau, The Levy Economics Institute and MacroStrategy Edge

Click here to see“The Return of Big Government: A Minskyan New Deal”, L. Randall Wray, The Levy Economics Institute and University of Missouri–Kansas City