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Playing Monopolis Monopoly: An inquiry into why we are making ourselves so miserable

By J. D. Alt Why does it seem like there isn’t enough money to pay for the things we really need? The headlines are filled with stories about our nation’s “debt problem” and dire warnings about our impending “bankruptcy.” As … Continue reading

Introducing Modern Money Monopoly (MMM)

By Alex Hofmann Coming back to Stephanie Kelton’s “A Contest: MMT for Eighth Graders” from last May, we have yet to find a good way of explaining basic modern money concepts to children. I followed the blog thread with much … Continue reading

An MMT vs Austrian Debate Post-Mortem Part III of V: Democracy, Taxes, and the Currency Monopolist

By Rohan Grey [Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Part V] As mentioned at the end of the preceding section, Murphy’s major outstanding critique of the MMT analysis was that it presumed the existence of a state with … Continue reading

Insights from a Diagram-Machine

By J.D. ALT I’ve spent the last month or so tinkering with and observing a diagram-machine representing the workings of the U.S. monetary system. In the process, I can see that I’ve bored a lot of people beyond their capacity … Continue reading

2012 National eBOOK Award for Architecture goes to NEP blogger

  The Architect Who Couldn’t Sing, by NEP essayist J.D. ALT  has been awarded an eLIT gold award for 2012. The book, which is also available in paperback, makes the case for directing sovereign spending toward a specific kind of … Continue reading

Letter to My Brother

By J. D. Alt My brother, Jeff, is a very smart guy who went to West Point, got a masters degree at Purdue, had a successful career as a business man and now, in his retirement, can sometimes beat his … Continue reading

Sovereign Spending in a Market Economy

By J.D. ALT Even if we assume the principles of modern fiat money will be generally accepted at some point in the future, we must yet confront the problem that sovereign spending is a difficult issue for market economies. It … Continue reading

The (Semantic) Problem with MMT: An Exercise in Framing

By J.D. ALT My wife is no longer speaking to me. She got angry—hysterically angry—over MMT. This caught me off guard. I could not understand it. She was on the verge of throwing her wine glass across the patio. She … Continue reading

Public Money for Public Purpose: Toward the End of Plutocracy and the Triumph of Democracy

By Dan Kervick A new year is upon us.  And even before its first hour has been rung in, 2012 is already takingshape before us as a pivotal year in global politics.   We canall feel the awakening under way.   Arevived longing … Continue reading

Some Modest Proposals for Reforming the U.S. Financial and Tax System

By Michael Hudson OnNovember 3, 2011, Alan Minsky interviewed me on KPFK’s program, “Building aPowerful Movement in the United States” in preparation for an Occupy L.A.teach-in. To clarify my points I have edited and expanded my answers from theinterview transcript. … Continue reading