Speak the Truth to Power: Back Bill Black

America needs its financial sector cleaned up and Bill Black tirelessly presses for this to happen!   

5 responses to “Speak the Truth to Power: Back Bill Black

  1. This is a winner. So is the website backbillblack.com. (Congratulations to whoever thought that up.)

    “Justice is the foundation of a stable economy.”

    If the owners of the backbillblack.com website are reading this, you need to create another tab on the site that lists all Black’s video talks, and his May 1, 2011 interview with Harry Shearer on Le Show. Include a short description of contents.

    You’ve got to give it up for grandma. After you get the videos listed, then notify AARP.

  2. I thought it was a great idea too; as well as a great video and song. I facebooked and tweeted it as soon as I came across it. I’ll is one go do that for this one too.

  3. Great Job! Just twitted: Speak the Truth to Power: Back Bill Black http://neweconomicperspectives.org/2013/02/speak-the-truth-to-power-back-bill-black.html #BillBlack #ControlFraud

  4. eh… this is a little populist no?
    I mean… don’t we cede the intellectual high ground when we sit around the campfire singing cumbaya?

  5. Randy, I invite you to commission a much better submission… I actually have the artist lined up already.