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A job should be a right, not a privilege!

NEP’s Marshall Auerback appears on the Thom Hartman program, 20 February 2013, discussing limits on banksters’ salaries and bonuses. There is some discussion of jobs guarantee near the end of the segment (near 9:00 mark).

Reinventing Government: the 1995 Speeches announcing the Road to Ruin

By William K. Black
(Cross posted at Benzinga.com)

Introduction to the “Reinventing Government” movement

Anyone who has worked for a large government or firm knows their tendency to be bureaucratic.  Everyone has had the experience of dealing with bureaucratic mentalities, including the volunteer soccer referee who lets power go to his head and becomes an arrogant demigod.  Everyone has had to deal with a public clerk or a private insurance company’s claim official who drives one nuts.  Working for a federal agency meant that I often had to deal with a bureaucratic personality to get things done.  That is why so many of us that have worked for a large government or firm are passionately anti-bureaucratic.

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