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By L. Randall Wray My previous blog sparked a lot of discussion, especially over at Naked Capitalism. I do pity Yves Smith! There’s enough nonsense in the commentary to populate a large nation. As I have argued, it is very … Continue reading

Framing MMT – Modern Money Network

A Modern Money Network contributor – Jason Kessler put together this beautiful graphic based on Randy Wray’s Meme for Money series that appeared here on NEP. [Translate]

Ecuador and the Media’s Selective “Victim” Memes

By William K. Black In my prior column I discussed the U.S. media frenzy that arose when a leaked emails revealed that Martha Roldos, a leading politician in Ecuador who (very badly) lost an election contest with President Correa, was … Continue reading

Alternative Framing of Money: Coda

By L. Randall Wray Today George Lakoff had a new piece on Michigan’s “right to work” law. I won’t go into that issue, but obviously the framing involved in the naming of a law that is diametrically opposed to “right … Continue reading

The Trillion Dollar Coin Is A Conservative Meme

By Joe Firestone The Trillion Dollar Coin (TDC) is, first, an oversimplified meme, because there’s not one TDC solution, but lots of Platinum Coin Seigniorage (PCS) variations on that idea with differing implications for politics. Some just kick the can … Continue reading

Beyond the Morality of Spending and Saving (Money) – Part 2

By Michael Hoexter Ethics, Moral Advocacy and Economics (con’t) If we look at the structure of the discourse produced by academic economists after Smith whether in print or in media appearances, moral frameworks provide a structuring role that often outweighs … Continue reading

RIP Shareholder Value Meme: Make Way for A New World

By Rob Parenteau and Marshall Auerback We have never quite been able to pin down why “maximize shareholder value,” the mantra of the world in which we have both worked for the past three decades, always left us with a bad feeling.  But … Continue reading

Anti “MMT Types” Memes Migrate to Stage II

By William K. Black One of the famous statements attributed to Mahatma Gandhi is that opposition to new, powerful ideas goes through three stages.  First, they ignore you.  Then they attack you.  Then you win.  Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has … Continue reading

For US Democracy: There Is Only One Choice

We need big, big changes in the United States. Many of them will require the Federal Government to spend unprecedented amounts, including deficit spending to enable us to solve problems that have languished, creating needs, for many, many years. How … Continue reading

Misdirection: Rampell Views Entitlements Through the Generational War Lens

Some of the favored children of the economic elite who have a public presence, work hard in their writing and speaking to divert attention from inequality and oligarchy issues by raising the issue of competition between seniors and millennials for … Continue reading