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House Passes Deregulation Bill Written by Citigroup

The Latest edition of the Black Finance and Fraud Report on TRNN. The House of Representatives has passed a deregulation bill written by Citigroup – supported by both parties.

What Was Inside that Red Pickup Truck?

By Dan Kervick

Driving home from work last night here in New Hampshire, I ended up behind a man in a tidy red pickup truck. The man had written a very elaborate message on the back of the truck, carefully arranged with block letter decals of the kind you use to put a name on a mailbox. I couldn’t read the entire message without tailgating, and some of the letters toward the end of the message were smaller, but here was the part I could read:

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The Taylor Rule: Ignore Fraud Epidemics and Worship Markets

By William K. Black

I recently posted a detailed article in response to Raj Chetty’s lament that scientists make fun of economics’ pretense to science.

The thrust of my article was that the problem was not that economics was inherently incapable of becoming more scientific.  The problem was that so many economists wear ideological blinders that recurrently cause them to perform a parody of the scientific method.

Chetty claimed that economists who are “testing precise hypotheses” in quantitative studies that exploit natural experiments are (finally, in 2013) “transforming economics into a field firmly grounded in fact.”  Chetty’s metaphor is that economics is like epidemiology.  (One assumes that his column is posted in the CDC’s common areas for the general amusement of epidemiologists.)

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