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Public Enterprise, National Development and Unemployment

By Dan Kervick

Bill Mitchell has a really great piece up today at his wonderful blog, billyblog.  After briefly discussing the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) emphasis on the operational realities of the monetary system, and asking whether or not it is important to situate those discussions of operations and macroeconomics in broader debates about ethics and morality, Bill lays out his own view:

The “operational reality” is factual and sufficient is one view. Just the massive loss of national income is a sufficient political motivation to do everything possible to avoid mass unemployment.

According to this narrow view, no further discussion about the other personal and societal costs (damage to physical and mental health; family breakdown; increased incidence of alcohol and substance abuse; increase crime rates; skill loss, and the rest of it) is needed and only leads to the accusation that MMT is mired in a contest of values rather than being about the cold, hard operational reality.

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Obama’s FBI Channels the Tea Party: Partner with the Banks and Blame the Poor for the Crisis

By William K. Black
(Cross posted and Benzinga.com)


This is the third column in my series discussing why the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have failed to investigate and prosecute successfully the largest and most destructive financial fraud epidemic in history.  The series uses the FBI’s 2010 Mortgage Fraud report to tease out how the FBI and DOJ suffered such a defeat.

The MBA conned the FBI into a “partnership” with the trade association of the “perps.”  In my prior column I showed the first product of the partnership – a poster warning customers not to defraud banks but ignoring banks defrauding customers.  This column discusses the more consequential and damaging product of the FBI/MBA partnership.  The MBA presented a definition of “mortgage fraud” under which the bank is always the innocent victim and never a perpetrator.  Because the FBI and DOJ did not draw on the banking regulators’ expertise due to the death of criminal referrals by the agencies the FBI fell for the MBA con.

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