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Ecuadorian Banking Crisis

William Black, by invitation of the President of Ecuador’s National Assembly, will present to the Standing Specialized Committee of Economic and Tax Regime in Quito, Ecuador on the banking crisis in that country.

Professor Black’s experience in financial regulation and his involvement in the US Savings and Loan Crisis puts him in a position to assist the Ecuadorians with their banking crisis.

Details are available in the following spanish language article.

Marshall Auerback appears on BNN discussing the Grand Bargain and other issues

Marshall Auerback’s appearance on BNN’s Business Day, November 15, 2012. Topics of discussion include impacts of a Grand Bargain. Click the image or here to watch on BNN’s site.


Dear Mr. Obama, the “Grand Bargain” is neither Grand…nor a Bargain

By Michael Hoexter

Dear Barack,

Congratulations on your recent electoral victory and the hard work that you and your team put into that effort.  You defeated an opponent, formidable not so much from the point of view of his political skills but more in the masses of “dark money” that were thrown against you and other Democratic candidates. You and your advisors ran a sophisticated tactical campaign that will be emulated by many in the years to come.  Still, from my point of view, these tactical skills will only get the American people so far in our pursuit of happiness.

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