Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

Modern Money and the Altruistic Gene

By J. D. Alt

In his recent book The Social Conquest of Earth, Edward O. Wilson lifts a corner of human history and reveals what appears to be a hidden mechanism of its intricately complex guidance system. It shouldn’t be a surprise this inner clock-work is genetics. What is surprising is to see the relationship between this genetic mechanism and the monetary debate that is unfolding as we speak. Continue reading

Wall Street urges Obama to commit the Great Betrayal

By William K. Black
(Cross-posted at Benzinga.com)

Greetings from the Third Annual Kilkenomics Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland.  The Irish bubble (as a percentage of GDP) was twice as large as the U.S. bubble.  I’m returning to the U.S. to provide economic commentary for al Jazeera’s election night coverage.  (Yes, I voted via absentee ballot.) Continue reading