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Going after Wall Street – and watching the clock

NEP’s William K. Black provides input on the approaching deadline imposed by statute of limitations on prosecutions related to the economic crisis. You can read the article here.


“Budget Hero” – Public Media’s Most Despicable Financial Propaganda

By William K. Black
(Cross-posted from Benzinga.com)

We know that the supporters of austerity simultaneously urge us to reject “European socialism” while adopting the key European strategies that drove Europe into recession – twice.  American conservatives assume that Europe must epitomize stringent financial regulation.  The opposite is true.  Europe adopted “light touch” financial regulation pursuant to neo-liberal economic theory.  Its embrace of the three “de’s” – deregulation, desupervision, and de facto decriminalization was far more extreme than the United States.  The City of London “won” the regulatory race to the bottom with the U.S.  European’s Continue reading