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Defeat Mitt Romney

By Dan Kervick

New Economics Perspectives is an economics blog, not a political one.   So in the past, while I have written freely about some political issues, I have avoided the partisan political wrangle.  Continue reading

Ryan Talks Jobs and Exposes the Lies about the 47%

By William K. Black
(Cross posted at Huffington Post)

This Monday, I posted an article entitled:  “Let’s test Romney’s claims about the 47% by offering the unemployed jobs.”

The article explained that Romney, Ryan, and Charles Murray claim that 47% of Americans receive governmental assistance because they are morally defective and shiftless.  It goes through why Romney and Ryan know that they are lying when they use the 47% figure to slander Americans as refusing to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives” and as failing to pay taxes.  Continue reading