NEP’s Marshall Auerback on BNN

Marshall appeared on Business News Network on January 29th. There are 2 separate clips and are listed below. In the second clip, Marshall appears beginning at 1:11, after market updates. Click a link in order to view. (Marshall appears beginning at 1:11)

One response to “NEP’s Marshall Auerback on BNN

  1. In the first clip, I noticed the interviewer staying right away from pursuing Marshall’s reference to “accounting control fraud.” Funny that, because the whole financial system is in the process of forgetting that the bubble was an “accounting control fraud.” So easy to forget.
    In the second clip, I noticed that the interviewer did not bother to pursue why Haldane would have been a better pick than Mark Carney. We need a lot more in-depth interviewers that are not afraid of tackling the real problems that face the financial system: “accounting control fraud” and the opaque central banking system including the one in Canada.

    Auerback is one of the few people to mention both topics on mainstream media.