Financial Crisis – Class Project

By Todd Drummond & Michael Flanigan

This is one of the projects completed for Dr. Kelton’s graduate macroeconomics course, Fall 2012.

9 responses to “Financial Crisis – Class Project

  1. The students finished the macroeconomics course with excellence, great work!

  2. A German accent would do better

  3. I’m french… it’s really not working for me 🙁 but it’s a really nice movie to see again

    • Stephanie Kelton

      Turn off the sound and watch it again. I’m sure it will work.

      • Stephanie, the word “defecits” at 1:55 min is spelled “deficits.” It’s the one word grad Econ students should know how to spell, and it needs to be fixed pronto.

  4. A remarkable work. Excellent!

  5. Incroyable!
    Qui sont les génies qui ont enseigné ces étudiants???

    I think they should add the scene where Vader throws the Emperor Peterson over the rails. After all, MMT is the good guys.

  6. Mark Robertson

    The sad thing is that even if the 17 euro-zone nations dumped the euro currency, average Europeans would continue to believe the lies about national debts and deficits, just like Britons and Americans. Hence they would continue to submit to austerity.

    And speaking of Americans, I like the Star Wars video the best of the two. It’s short and to-the-point.

    If I hear one more person warning about inflation, or about the (utterly meaningless) Debt / GDP ratio, I’m going to shoot my computer monitor.

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