Will Dodd-Frank Be Effective?

There is an interesting discussion over at The Great Debate concerning the efficacy of Dodd-Frank featuring our own William K. Black.  Check it out!

4 responses to “Will Dodd-Frank Be Effective?

  1. Prof. Black, I just discovered a video series on YouTube that you will find useful. It's related to "perverse incentives" and the "criminogenic environment. It seems related to the "Private Prison" labor system and its "justification" as a business model for private profiteers/brokers and "investors" in terms of Extraction Capitalism  today ("The purpose of business is to make a profit, period."). Please see: http://www.youtube.com — "The Colonozation Of The Congo Pt 1" (QuartaPhilosoForum on Jan 31, 2011) and all the other Parts. Best seen in entirety.I think you will find the series fascinatingly instructive. Then as now, "morality" trumps "economics" and "profit" after a certain point of excess is reached. Albert Camus's "The Fall"/"La Chute" springs to mind anent the question of "passive guilt."

  2. The web link has changed for "The Colonization Of The Congo Pt 1" (QuartaPhilosoForum on Jan 31, 2011), posted last night. The LINK today reads as follows:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL5svZM-CIAThe name of the theatrical production is said to be: "White King, Red Rubber, Black Death"