Daily Archives: March 19, 2012

The JOBS Act is so Criminogenic that it Guarantees Full-Time Jobs for Criminologists

By William K. Black, Henry N. Pontell and Gilbert Geis

As white-collar criminologists (and a former financial regulator and enforcement head) and experts in ferreting out sophisticated financial frauds, our careers and research focus on financial fraud by the world’s most elite private sector criminals and their political cronies.  Therefore, we write to thank Congress and the President for preparing to adopt a JOBS Act that will provide us with job security for life. We will be the personal beneficiaries of Congress’ decision to adopt the law without the pesky hearings that would allow critics to launch devastating attacks on the proposed bill based on a brutally unfair tactic – the presentation of facts.  Unfortunately, in our professional capacities, we must oppose the bill.  This bill is an atrocity.

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