The Modern Money Primer: Spanish Language Edition

By L. Randall Wray

For our Spanish speaking followers, my Modern Money Primer has just been released in Spanish and is available.


Here’s the description of the book: El esfuerzo intelectual que se realizó en el campo de la física tras la aparición de la teoría de la relatividad o del modelo copernicano, no se llevó a cabo en la economía tras la aparición del dinero fíat. Teoría Monetaria Moderna es la plasmación de dicho esfuerzo intelectual. En este libro se expone claramente qué es el dinero en realidad y lo que es más importante se exponen las políticas económicas que deberían llevarse a cabo para llevar a la práctica un programa político coherente con dicha realidad. L. Randall Wray es doctor en economía y profesor en la Universidad de Missouri-Kansas City, así como director de investigaciones del Center for Full Employment and Price Stability. Además, pertenece al Levy Economics Institute of Bard College de Nueva York.

I’ll be in Madrid for the book launch. See you there. More details to follow.

3 responses to “The Modern Money Primer: Spanish Language Edition

  1. Great, I hope you can pack a couple and send them to Podemos economically illiterate leaders and directive, I would suggest to do the same for the PP/PSOE leadership and economic advisor’s but is probably a lost cause.

    After that arrange some meetings maybe you can set up them in the right path.

  2. Thank you for the good news.
    The problem is that I could not find it in the US site of AMAZON but only in the Spanish site. My Spanish is better than my English, but I live in the US. Is there a possibility to buy it in the US?
    Also will it be edited in French language too?
    Thanks again.

  3. Because it is not translated into Italian? what are you waiting? In Italy the MMT is much promoted in Spain by comparison is unknown …