Stephanie Kelton Interviews Warren Mosler

By Dan Kervick

Stephanie Kelton has inaugurated a new series of New Economic Perspectives podcasts with a fantastic interview of Warren Mosler. The discussion covers current forecasts by Goldman Sachs and others on the state of the US economy; the Fed’s quantitative easing program and market jitters about tapering; the impact of Japan’s “Abenomics”; the political inertia behind the European community’s intractable political commitment to austerity; the investment foibles of the goldbugs; and more.

For all of those people who wonder why MMTers are so skeptical about QE, this is the podcast for them. Mosler’s explanation is as clear as a bell.

The podcast can be downloaded via iTunes by searching for “Stephanie Kelton” or “stephaniekelton’s podcast”. But is also available here via the web.  Highly recommended!

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13 responses to “Stephanie Kelton Interviews Warren Mosler

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  2. Excellent. Great format.

    But it’s the choir singing to each other. Stephanie should have guests that disagree with her, and will maintain the same level of civility that Stephanie and Warren maintain.

    Maybe not somebody famous, to start. Maybe an economics prof from U of M (not KC).

    • That would be good too. But I think she should have Warren once a month. His comments at his own website are very terse, and so it’s good to hear a kind of “Mosler roundup.”

      • Agreed, but I’m thinking of how this format can advance the awareness of MMT. I think it can be both.

      • Oh Lord, do I agree.

        His comments at his own website are very terse

        If Stephanie is reading these comments, could you do a monthly with Warren? Please? He matters and we want to hear him.

        It is really difficult for those of us who don’t work in the financial world to follow the meaning and implication of Warren’s terse comments on his site. Add his abbreviations and I head to the bar.

        If we are to sound intelligent convincing our friends to look at MMT, we have to be bulletproof about the basics. There is so much happening and Warren highlights so much on his site that there should be lots for you two to talk about.

      • This is wonderful news, and I look forward to listening to this during my Monday commute. I do hope Stephanie (and others) are able to do this regularly (weekly?). A monthly news roundup with Mosler will go a long way towards weeding out the confusion from trying to follow other news sources that follow the mainstream interpretations (e.g. Marketplace). And interviewing people with very different views will also be a great way to expand the audience beyond the choir (I’m also interested in hearing interviews with others in the MMT/NEP camp of course). One of my favorite podcasts is EconTalk, although the host Russ Roberts sometimes irks me. But he’s polite to his guests (who *do* span the gamut), rarely rants (usually only when he has a guest in strong agreement), and always gives them the last word (even if he fits an awful lot of his words in the middle). His interviews with Bill Black, Yanis Varoufakis, and Jamie Galbraith were simply excellent. But I’ve been waiting for a while for someone in the MMT camp to start a similar podcast.

  3. I found the podcast to very informative.

    Thank you

  4. Obviously others have been able to hear the podcast. Apparently the utilities that support that process are unfriendly to Ubuntu.

  5. Brilliant stuff.

  6. I liked particularly Mosler’s comment about North Dakota, which is obviously a side comment about Ellen Brown’s and thereby her fascination and the economically illiterate on the liberal end of the scale with her bs.

  7. Good, informative interview, but you might want to check your audio equipment. I can’t make sense of parts of it because the audio is so unclear. Not helped by Moslers voice being somewhat mumbley. Next time you might want to do some checking on how to level the spectrum so that the voice is clearer and maybe get a better microphone.