The Love of Money

NEP’s Randy Wray appeared on radioLitopia discussing Money, Banksters, Austerity and other issues. You can listen using the player below or visit radioLitopia’s site [some have reported having problems with the embedded player].

2 responses to “The Love of Money

  1. Well done interview Dr. Wray and great questions by the hosts of the show! If we could get your message repeatedly injected into the information main stream of our culture maybe we could keep the parable of the frog from coming true again for our economy. BTW the widget above didn’t work for me. I had to go to radiolitopia’s site.

  2. Yay! Free-speech radio! Thanks for doing this radio interview, Dr. Wray. And thanks for all of your amazing work, along with all of your colleagues. It has changed my life. And it’s changing the world before our eyes. And I am looking forward to listening to this broadcast and looking forward to the opportunity to enroll in your courses at UMKC.

    It’s such a beautiful thing when professionals speak out, especially educators. We need more professors to be so courageous and honest. Thanks for all of your work in engaging the general public (as well as the advanced economics audience).

    MMT! Reprazent. Woot-woot.