Bill Black: Trump Sees Europe as a “Foe” Because of Key Misinformed Advisor

President Trump’s belief that the European Union’s trade policies are more unfair towards the United States than just about any other trading partner is woefully misinformed and the result of his reliance “nutcase” trade advisor Peter Navarro, says NEP’s Bill Black. You can view with transcript here.

5 responses to “Bill Black: Trump Sees Europe as a “Foe” Because of Key Misinformed Advisor

  1. John Zelnicker

    Devin – You usually make the last word, “here”, a link to the transcript at RNN.

    It’s not live on this post.


  2. I could see ‘Europe is a “Foe”‘ as a negotiating tactic. After your opponents have pushed you back from the ridiculous position you staked out to the tenable position you wanted to occupy, they feel like they’ve won something. If you try to convince me that Peter Navarro thinks the ridiculous position is tenable, I can’t refute you. I heard an interview with that guy once.

  3. ANyone who views Europe as America’s “foe” is buying into Trump’s madness. Europe is a competitor and ally of the U.S., not an adversary like Russia.

  4. I started a UC Davis online economics class from Prof. Navarro, but never finished it. First of all, Prof. Navarro just read the slides (if that was indeed him reading). I started to write down all the ridiculous things he said, but eventually just got tired and quit. None of what I’ve heard since surprises me.