Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

Can the Fed Really do More?

By Stephanie Kelton

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated by the near universal cry for more action from the Fed.  My friend and fellow blogger Marshall Auerback has quipped that it’s as if every mainstream progressive received the same White House memo.  I imagine it looked something like this:

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Time to Take off the Blinders about Obama Taking off the Gloves

By William K. Black

On June 13, 2011, the New York Times wrote an exasperated editorial entitled “Nearly a Year After Dodd-Frank.”  It began by warning that:

Without strong leaders at the top of the nation’s financial regulatory agencies, the Dodd-Frank financial reform doesn’t have a chance. Whether it is protecting consumers against abusive lending, reforming the mortgage market or reining in too-big-to-fail banks, all require tough and experienced regulators.

The editorial ended with this sentence:  “It’s past time for President Obama to take off the gloves.”

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