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Stephanie Kelton’s Appearance on All In with Chris Hayes

NEP’s Stephanie Kelton appeared on Chris Hayes’ All In on Monday evening, (10/8/13). The topic of discussion was “Why the debt ceiling isn’t your family budget” examining the fallacy of comparing the debt ceiling to a family budget.

See the full show here.

Stephanie Kelton and the Sequestration on UP with Chris Hayes

Stephanie appeared on UP with Chris Hayes this morning (3/3/13) discussing the sequestration. You can view the program by clicking this link or the image below.

Stephanie Kelton appeared on UP with Chris Hayes

[Revised 1/12/13 @ 13:17]

Stephanie Kelton appeared on UP with Chris Hayes on MSNBC  Saturday January 12, 2013 at 8:00 AM Eastern.

You can view selected segments below.

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New MSM Trillion Dollar Coin Wave Misses the Big Story: Hayes and Carney

By Joe Firestone

Did the MSM’s new wave of commentaries on platinum coin seigniorage (PCS) miss the really big story about it? Of course, I think it did, and I’ll continue my review of the MSM commentaries with the efforts of Chris Hayes at MSNBC, substituting as host on the Rachel Maddow show (12/05 at 9:20 PM); and John Carney at CNBC (12/06 at 11:54 AM). This is my second review post on this subject. Continue reading