PBS goes MMT, Cites JKG

What gives money its value?  PBS explores. You can check it out here.

2 responses to “PBS goes MMT, Cites JKG

  1. This is encouraging. Now it would be nice to see if one of the MMT leaders (Kelton, Wray, Galbraith et al), can get NPR’s Planet Money to do a presentation. They did great job with the ‘Giant Pool Of Money’ program, back in 2008.

    [Please check out my new book, Inequity, Iniquity and Debt (paper and Kindle), which references MMT a lot, in relation to moral and religious principles about wealth and public purpose, and critiques the excesses of financializing that the the FIRE sector has imposed on the economy, education and popular notions of value.]

    Justin Synnestvedt

  2. Interesting comments, too. The usual stuff nicely rebutted by a lot people whose user ID’s are new to me. Looks like MMT is catching on.