Modern Money and Public Purpose Seminar 6

The latest in the MMPP Seminars at Columbia feature NEP’s Scott Fullwiler. The topic of this seminar is Interactions Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy. You can watch below or visit MMPP’s site.

4 responses to “Modern Money and Public Purpose Seminar 6

  1. It’s a shame. I was interested in hearing this, but a web broadcast of a web broadcast (Fulwiler) made this very difficult to understand.

  2. I hope Scott and Dean Baker had a good conversation afterwards. Scott didn’t explain what he meant very well. Dean was clearly bemused – Scott’s explanation was too casual, and inadequate.

    Very interesting seminar though!


  3. I was listening with my eyes closed and heard Scott say…Private sector Bal. = Gov. Sect -” Capital Account”.

    I`ve always assumed it was(more or less) PSB= Current Bal(BOP ) – GS(fiscal bal.)….. Am I wrong. The words “Capital Account” caught my attention.

  4. Are Fullwiler’s slides available?