William Black appears on Majority Report

William Black appeared on Majority Report with Sam Seder on 11/23/2012. The image as well as this link will take you to the Majority Report web site.

The podcast can be downloaded or listened to by clicking this link (opens in new window).


4 responses to “William Black appears on Majority Report

  1. I certainly don’t want Zach Galifanakis to be killed by austerity, or by anything else for that matter.

  2. So what is next for President Correa of Ecuador? It is widely reported that he is an academically trained economist, and while I realize that this is more often a bad thing than a good thing when it comes to understanding the real economy, surely it must represent some sort of starting point. Shouldn’t we be trying to school this person up to the point where he can start to represent an explicit MMT slant current events? Or is he doing that already but the media filters it out?

  3. Austerity will kill Zach Galifianakis? Isn’t that a bit of hyperbole? 😉

  4. I enjoyed the interview. Maybe MMT should not use the term ‘borrow’? Instead, just say that there’s different kinds of net financial assets that are liabilities of the govt, cash, reserves, and treasuries, and the primary difference is the interest rate and maturity structure. Currently when the govt wants to spend, it needs to convert existing non-interest bearing balances into interest bearing balances. Because, really, when you have the printing press, the notion of borrowing loses almost all of its traditional meaning.