William K. Black: 2nd ‘German Occupation of Greece?

4 responses to “William K. Black: 2nd ‘German Occupation of Greece?

  1. German tax collectors in Greece? Geez, they done it this time without firing a bullet. 50% youth unemployment is the stuff of rebellion. Bad as it may be this seems like the time for Greece to get out of the Euro. Now where are the 300 when you need them? Instead we have politicians eating dinner with the German tax collectors? And the Persians are not at the gates.

  2. Interesting how RT likes MMT when it comes to criticizing the US or EU, but apparently does not see MMT as useful for critiquing Russia’s economy.

    “The floggings will continue…” line arises from within the S&M community.

  3. Great interview, as always! Loved the line “Second Occupation of Greece”

    Here’s post from a few months ago similarly referring to “Germany imposing a Treaty of Versailles on Greece”

  4. grover norquist was just on the daily show. why are elected representatives dictating policy according to what grover wants and not according to what”we the people” want? can anyone (perhaps randy)get on the daily show or colbert and explain to the american public how monetary system really works? if the people are continually fed b.s., nothing will ever change, if it will, it is taking too long. i would like to still be alive when the great awakening occurs.