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The Curious Case of the English “Envenom” Meme about the Scots

By William K. Black
May 11, 2015

My intended series about the UK election is expanding because the material is just too good and too important. My “Kilkenomics” colleague Liam Halligan who is the lead economics writer for the Telegraph wrote a column dated May 10, 2015 about the election that sparked this column. The tag line for his column is: “Nigel Farage has opened a Pandora’s box that cannot now be closed.” Farage was the former (and likely future) leader of UKIP, the ultra-right party enraged by immigrants, particularly people of color.

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The Tories’ Colonial Mindset and Independence for Scotland

By William K. Black

Family tradition says my relatives came from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Denmark – so I’m probably a typical American mutt.  As an Irish-American I learned early about London’s disgraceful treatment of its first colony, Ireland.  Indeed, but for London’s malign neglect my Irish relatives would likely never have emigrated and I would not exist.  I cannot, therefore, claim objectivity when it comes to the subject of independence for Scotland.  While I have no right to tell Scots how they should vote I would personally vote for independence.

My focus is on how the Tories are seeking to intimidate Scots to vote against independence.  The point is made in the title of a recent New York Times article:  “Scots Are Divided Over Independence, and Its Economic Costs.”

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