Dan Kervick Appearing Today on The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen

I will be appearing today on The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen, broadcast by WNHN 94.7 in Concord, New Hampshire.   My appearance is scheduled for 11:30 AM EST.   The discussion will be wide-ranging, but I hope to focus on the just-concluded fiscal cliff deal,  the upcoming Washington battle over the debt ceiling and the sequester, and the misguided bipartisan push for austerity in the context of high unemployment and weak growth.   Maybe The Coin will come up too!

You can listen to the live broadcast of the show at the link below:

“The Attitude” with Arnie Arnesen on WNHN 94.7 FM

I will post the link to the archived podcast later today, as soon as it is available.

3 responses to “Dan Kervick Appearing Today on The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen

  1. Everyone who supports MMT/FF as serving the public purpose needs to reach out to local groups and the local community. I did an hour long interview for a local radio program, and I am going to a open agenda conference for Ohio progressives this saturday. My theme will be “Occupy the Fiscal Debate.” Fadhel Kaboub of Denison Univ. (formerly of UMKC) will be presenting on job guarantee programs. We intend to back each other up to provide additional input. I am taking my economic literacy flyers for distribution as well. Hopefully this will raise the possibility of future presentations elsewhere in Ohio.

  2. Good interview, Dan. I like Arnie’s show, but she does like to hear herself talk. She needs to follow the cardinal rule of interviewing: ask your question, shut up, and let the interviewee speak. If I wanted to hear the interviewer talk more than the guest, I’d tune in to the O’Reilly Factor.