New Look and Big Things to Come

Thanks to the efforts of Mitch Green, New Economic Perspectives has a fresh new look with features and extras that we hope will make this an even more exciting place to visit.  It isn’t easy. We don’t allow advertising on the NEP site, and we have no operating budget. We do what we do because we find it rewarding.  How else could we have “conversations”- in real time – with strangers sitting at computers all over the globe?  And while we’ve made great strides since the blog was launched in the summer of 2009 — NEP is ranked among the top twenty economics blogs in the world — we want to do more.

Our readers have asked for more multimedia content (YouTube lectures, animated videos, whiteboard presentations, etc.). We think these are great ideas!  With your help, we plan to create a library of essential resources for you to view and share as you wish.  If you agree that these are worthwhile goals, please make a financial contribution using the “Donate” button today.

38 responses to “New Look and Big Things to Come

  1. I’ve been following you guys since the beginning. I made a donation, and I hope others will too. The posers over at the other site have a lot more cash to work with thanks to a huge donation from a Wall St. money bagger who’s paying them to push 95% of your stuff under a different name. Cheers to you for keeping it grass roots and not pimping for the 1%. Never run from the job guarantee.

  2. Dave,

    On behalf of all of us here at NEP, thanks so much for you donation! Every little bit helps – and don’t worry, we’re not going to run from the JG.

  3. John Zelnicker

    Nice upgrade. Looks much better. Keep the conversation going.

  4. This may already exist somewhere, but does there exist like a 15 minute powerpoint presentation explaining the guts of mmt? Say I’m in a finance club at my University, and I want to explain to my fellow members the gist of mmt, it would be nice to have a prepped ppt and script to help spread the word.

  5. Sorry if this has been covered already but the new site needs some work done on it for I-Pad users. I’m not a techie but I thought I’d mention it

  6. I’m digging the fresh new look. Keep up the good work, Mitch.

  7. Lots of great effort here improving the website but the graphic has me puzzled. Couldn’t you have one big fish shape made up of lots of little fish shapes? You know a kind of “united you stand but divided you fall” sort of message. So if individuals cooperate they become a big fish which can better square off with the other not so nice big fish. This isn’t an original thought I saw it on a beer mat one time!

  8. Looks fantastic. Always expect a few bugs when going to new platform.

    It appears that Prof. Wray’s post got a little mangled – some spaces between words are missing. Looks like however he posts his article (via email?) spaces weren’t added at end of lines, maybe?

    Also, the comments threads on his article don’t appear to be indenting as in this article, and he generates a lot comments!

    Love the masthead graphic!

    • Yes, it appears when I imported all the old posts there were instances where some spaces were trimmed. That shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

      We’ll be on the lookout for little issues here and there in the coming weeks, so your comment is much appreciated.

      • John Zelnicker

        Since pebird mentioned it, I have also had the problem of missing spaces in the e-mails I receive. I assumed it was a formatting glitch in my system. It occasionally makes an interesting new word or meaning. 🙂

  9. Very very nice – good job Mitch!

  10. Congrats! This is great news. I wish you luck in scaling this great project you’ve put together. Some short blackboard presentations could be a fantastic tool to take your message and website virile, not only in getting your msg out, but also drawing attention and more donations, which in turn can help get the msg out – like a positive feedback loop!

    I didn’t know you were ranked in the Top 20 econ blogs! Do you have info on the ranking?

  11. Well I guess I was hoping MMT wouldn’t be swimming against the orthodoxy for that much longer.

  12. Mitch, the new look is great. Glad to see the “.org”. I concur with other readers that this is an excellent site. In a few years, NEP will be ranked in the top 5 econ blogs.

  13. Amazing make-over. Tremendous effort here Mitch!

  14. Looking ok – a great effort – but I would suggest a few visual tweaks if you have the time:
    Make the header and image a bit smaller.
    Move the main text block over to the left hand side and place all the links (etc) on the right hand side (This will provide more space for text and images. At present the main text box is too small to accomodate both satisfactorily).
    Make the ‘donate’ and ‘subscribe’ boxes smaller and place them to the right of the (now) smaller header and image.
    Place RSS ‘posts’ and ‘comments’ on the level beneath the header, alongside the main category titles.
    Instead of being in bold black these titles could be slightly muted in relation to the header (dark grey), and there could be a bit more space between the header and these titles.
    ‘Archives’ and ‘links’ could also be placed as titles on this level instead of appearing in full on the front page.
    I would place the header within a very very light grey box, and perhaps put a slight gradient (darker at bottom to lighter at top) on the light blue background of the fish image, to give it a bit more depth.

    P.s. Levy Institute’s ‘Multiplier Effect’ blog is missing from your list.

    Here are two well designed sites:

  15. what happened to the print friendly button?

  16. Congrats! I love the header, it represents perfectly how the MMTers feel when we try to get this message across!

  17. Actually, although the fish image is nice, I would recommend removing it after a short while, and perhaps replacing it with a smaller image or logo if needed (as with

  18. I print every week and can’t find the button in the new format

  19. Mitch is on his way in. We’re going to sit down and “play” with it. I promise you’ll have a print button very soon. Keep the suggestions coming!

  20. Where can we search on this new blog theme ???

  21. Is there any way to make the main text block wider? Perhaps if you extend the image on each side?

    • I’m sure there is – I’m just an amateur at this stuff, new to wordpress and all. We’re working on it, and thanks for the insight.

  22. for some reason there is a large empty space on either side of the page…

  23. Ed Seedhouse

    It’s time to get rid of that introductory blurb since along with the header it takes up too much screen space and you have to scroll down to get to the recent content. It’s a pain and guaranteed to drive away just the type of people that need to be reading your articles.

    People don’t need long explanation to use a WordPress blog. Get rid of all that junk at the top of the page. People are interested in what you are saying, not how “pretty” the page may look.

  24. The updated updated format looks good!

  25. Cool new, new, new look! (Maybe larger headline?)

  26. John Zelnicker

    ph is generous with his suggestions, but please do not make this look like his “well designed” examples. You don’t need any confusion with those two. 🙂

  27. The site looks terrific Mitch. Well done!

  28. Ok, fair point, no need to emulate the “opposition”, so to speak. I just thought they work well visually and are easy to read, navigate and understand.

  29. Abram Larson

    I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any activity on NEP for a few days in Google Reader so I checked the site. Imagine my shock when I see lots of posts I haven’t read. Whatever changes you’ve made appears to have disrupted the RSS feed. I used the new RSS link and it works fine now. I just wanted to point this out for anyone having similar issues.

  30. I don’t know. NEP stealing all my ideas.

    Check out my website, video section and recent posts for videos to steal. I also have a fair bit up on the YouTube channel called “MMTChannel”.

    Mostly the same stuff but some different.
    I would make a contribution if I could afford it but I’m in the boat that MMT tries to help.

    And can I just say about time you switched to WordPress, so much easier and intuitive to use.

  31. Nice work!