New Look and Big Things to Come

Thanks to the efforts of Mitch Green, New Economic Perspectives has a fresh new look with features and extras that we hope will make this an even more exciting place to visit.  It isn’t easy. We don’t allow advertising on the NEP site, and we have no operating budget. We do what we do because we find it rewarding.  How else could we have “conversations”- in real time – with strangers sitting at computers all over the globe?  And while we’ve made great strides since the blog was launched in the summer of 2009 — NEP is ranked among the top twenty economics blogs in the world — we want to do more.

Our readers have asked for more multimedia content (YouTube lectures, animated videos, whiteboard presentations, etc.). We think these are great ideas!  With your help, we plan to create a library of essential resources for you to view and share as you wish.  If you agree that these are worthwhile goals, please make a financial contribution using the “Donate” button today.

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