Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Women Want Jobs, not Handouts

By Pavlina Tcherneva

(via New Deal 2.0 where it first appeared)

When the White House released its report on the economic security of America’s women, it proposed to improve their well-being with the standard fare of economic policies, usually prescribed for just about any type of problem that ails the job market: more training and education, more tax incentives, and more income support. These prescriptions are already part of the Recovery Act, which for two years has produced dismal economic results. Is more of the same what we need when it comes to improving women’s economic opportunities?

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William Black interviewed on Portland’s KBOO Community Radio

William Black was recently interviewed on KBOO’s ‘Old Mole Variety Hour’ regarding corruption in the banking industry.

William Black interviewed by GFS News

William Black was recently interview regarding the Obama administrations response to the financial collapse: “Obama has ignored the savings and loans crisis to this point. The position of the administration was that there were no lessons to be learned from the savings and loan crisis. I find that very bizarre.”  See the full story.