U.S. Senate Candidate Warren Mosler Explains Why The US Government is Not Revenue Constrained

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7 responses to “U.S. Senate Candidate Warren Mosler Explains Why The US Government is Not Revenue Constrained

  1. Mr. Mosler comes across as someone who is confused that the people he's talking to are clueless. The "interviewer" (forgive me, I cannot tolerate Fox, so I am clueless his name) with the alleged schooling at the LSE doesn't do his schooling much credit. Warren said too many big words?

  2. I suggest the best answer to the accusation that Mosler’s proposal equals “printing money” is – “so what – central banks and commercial banks have been printing money like crazy for the last CENTURY!!!!”. And anyone who doesn't know that needs to go do an "introduction to economics" course. E.g. the U.S. monetary base doubled between 1985 and 1995.Second, if inflation looks like being a problem, money can be unprinted as quickly as it can be printed (e.g. by raising taxes, reining in the money and extinguishing it).

  3. The problem, the very big problem, is that Warren is fighting on the enemy's ground and using the enemy's terms. All of you people should read Edward Bernay's "Propaganda." You should also remember Goebbel's remark that the key to propaganda is the ceaseless repetition of the same SIMPLE things. MMT states that terms like "printing money" are no longer applicable. Well, neither are terms like "spending" and "deficit." They have negative connotations that you will never overcome. You must find a new way to express modern money operations, using terms that are not calculated to arouse negative knee-jerk reactions. There are three, and only three ways to change political thinking in the US: funding campaigns-lobbying, controling or influencing the media, establishing or decisively influencing think tanks. That's it. You probably don't have enough money for the first–although it might be worth going after one or so key people; there's no way you're going to gain control of the media; that leaves establishing or taking over a serious think tank. The blogosphere is useful, but tends to create "choirs" you can preach to. You need to learn how to use social media–the way Obama did. But above all, you need to get to the key think tanks. But all this will be useless if you're trying to get the meaning of words changed in your favor. You need new words. You need a literary person, or an inspired rap singer. Something!

  4. They're talking for their viewing audience. The faux ignorance really gets old with these frauds

  5. "You must find a new way to express modern money operations, using terms that are not calculated to arouse negative knee-jerk reactions."Good point. Echoing Thomas Edison, Henry Liu's distinction between sovereign credit and sovereign debt seems to make sense.Liu.Technically, a sovereign government needs never borrow. It can issue tax credit in the form of fiat money to meet all its liabilities. And only a sovereign government can issue fiat money as sovereign credit. If fiat money is not sovereign debt, then the entire conceptual structure of finance capitalism is subject to reordering… The need for capital formation to finance socially-useful development will be exposed as a cruel hoax, as sovereign credit can finance all socially-useful development without problem. http://www.henryckliu.com/page215.htmlEdisonIt is absurd to say that our country can issue $30,000,000 in bonds and not $30,000,000 in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people. If the currency issued by the Government were no good, then the bonds issued would be no good either.http://www.prosperityuk.com/prosperity/articles/edison.html

  6. What Mosler says is true, but he should remove economic terms from his ideas. There is no reason to say 'aggregate' when 'all' would work. Economics, like Law, has its specialized language that constituents have no legal or ethical obligation to learn. The Fox guy though…what a dirtbag! What's with pretending that he couldn't understand what Warren was saying? Not too surprised because I never expected intellectual integrity from Fox.

  7. Great video, in my opinion as long as we rely on government we will be going in the wrong direction. We need to stop giving so much power to the central government. Give the power back to the states and get rid of the majority of taxes that large government takes. Vote for me!