Thousands Die, Millions Injured on the Job, and No Businesses Prosecuted

NEP’s Bill Black appears on The Real News Network and describes how OSHA’s few underfunded inspectors can’t do their jobs, and prosecutors don’t prosecute businesses for non-compliance. You can view here with a transcript.

2 responses to “Thousands Die, Millions Injured on the Job, and No Businesses Prosecuted

  1. Andrew Anderson

    What IF all businesses were substantially worker-owned? Would worker safety then be a problem?

    Yet government privileges* for private credit creation (i.e. for “the banks”) preclude the need for business to share power with the workers by bypassing the need to borrow from the workers or share equity with them.

    So until Progressives stop supporting privileges for the banks, are they not part of the problem, not the solution?

    *e.g. government provided deposit insurance instead of FREE** inherently risk-free checking/debit accounts for all citizens at the Central Bank itself.
    **up to reasonable limits on account balance and transactions per month.

  2. John Graham

    All if us die, but circumstances that result in early deaths are a problem. You can be jailed for life or even executed for causing an untimely death, but we are strangely inconsistent in our reaction to unnecessary deaths depending on the cause. For example, deaths of innocent civilians, even children, are of incidental importance if they can be classified as (what Desmond Tutu has called “that obscenity”) “collateral damage”. Funding for anti-terrorism has pretty much been giver carte blanche, while death by way of antibiotic resistant infections, primarily a consequence of systematic antibiotic misuse, have largely been met with hand-wringing. I heard in the news that someone was convicted of murder for failing to attach a safety chain to a trailer that broke loose and caused a death, yet companies that consistently fail to correct statutorily hazardous conditions seems to dodge responsibility when someone dies. How does that make sense?