Executive Order on Regulations Will Benefit Large Corporations, Not Small Businesses

NEP’s Bill Black on The Real News Network discussing how the Trump administration is using small business as an excuse for wholesale assault on regulation. You can view with a transcript here.

3 responses to “Executive Order on Regulations Will Benefit Large Corporations, Not Small Businesses

  1. Well, at least it’s consistent. Republicans have claimed to be promoted policies that “will help small businesses” while doing the opposite, for decades. And they’ve got Fox, Breitbart, Drudge etc. lying about it for them, so that people are believing it.

    That’s how you get control of all branches of the federal government, most state legislatures, and most governorships. Fake populism. Fake news. Alternative facts spread 365 days a year by the Right Wing propaganda machines. Works like a charm.

  2. I agree Jill, if you have a Democratic party that claims they are in opposition to everything Republican, but never really is in any substantitive way, you can create enough cognitive dissonance so that the mass of indentured citizens believe up is down, left is right, good is evil, black is white all to harmless, disabled effect. There’s no better way to run an institurion than to have the conquered inmates constantly stimulated into believing their brain scrambled objections mean anything other then a possible revenue stream for the machine. Keep postin’!

  3. Ken, if you think Obama was the same as Trump, well, all I can say is, I hope you enjoy the next 4 years, because you, unlike many of us, will deserve them.

    There is not as much difference between parties as I would like. But, as you will see in the next 4 years, there is definitely a difference. Dems tried to do something for ordinary people when they could, but were restrained by the campaign finance system and by Republicans in Congress. Our campaign finance system means that one can’t get elected without being beholden to big donors– with the one exception of Trump, and that outcome is even worse.

    Citizens who wanted better should have elected Democrats and then pushed them further to the Left. Instead of that, people have believed Breitbart, Fox, and other Right Wing propaganda– and as a result they have elected a more and more Right Wing government that keeps pushing further to the Right.

    Yeah, you keep posting too, about how much you enjoy the next 4 years, and how similar you find Trump to Obama. That should be a good joke for us all.