Private Sector Will Make a Killing Off of Infrastructure Bank

NEP’s Bill Black appears on The Real News Network discussing that Democrats and Republicans appear willing to offer public-private partnerships and tax credits to the benefit of Wall Street. You can view with transcript here.

9 responses to “Private Sector Will Make a Killing Off of Infrastructure Bank

  1. Howard Switzer

    Bill, when you say “Private Sector” aren’t you referring to the “Monopoly Sector? Or should we call it the “Socialism Sector” as it seems only the many live in the “Capitalism Sector.” I guess you’re right though, indeed it is their “Private Sector.” Does that mean most of us are in the “Public Sector?” Somehow it seems like we ought to be the public but I think I might live in the “Screwed Blued and Tattooed Sector.” Anyway, it seems like our “Public Sector” is now a part of their “Private Sector” and we’re not allowed in or to have any influence. So we need a new “Public Sector,” one not so easily bought, one that serves the common good.

  2. Howard, the drill is: Socialize costs. Privatize profits. Crony capitalism and Reverse Robin Hood policies. It is indeed sort of like welfare/socialism for big crony captalist businesses.

    We need to search for terms that would label it in a clear and meaningful way. Republicans do research on this sort of thing– to choose the most communicative words and phrases. See the book Words That Work by Frnak Luntz. It seems that non-Republicans do very little of this though. Thus it is not surprising that our ineffective communication has resulted in the GOP controlling all 3 branches of the federal government, most state legislatures, and most governorships.

    • Howard Switzer

      Yes, I understand the drill, it is Usury described by Dante as “an extraordinarily efficient form of violence by which you do the most damage with the least effort.” All religions once banned it, now every nation needs to ban it. To be clear, I’m not talking about lending existing money to someone at interest being usury, I’m talking about the abuse of monetary authority for personal gain, creating money ex nihilo and lending it at interest for personal gain while using the power that bestows against the public interest. I think using terms that would label things clearly and in a meaningful way is important and I am aware of the lack of good framing among progressives. We tend to resist more than we insist but insist we must. The entire matter of money today is an urgent moral question, is it not? Should it be created for private personal gain or created for the public common good? Should all new money come in at the top or bottom of the economy? I think the historical record is clear, it needs to come in at the bottom, where the people in need are, where it will be spent and it needs to be real money, not credit, so it can continue to circulate, right?

  3. Howard Switzer

    Ugh, public private schemes are about scamming the taxpayers.

  4. David Harold Chester

    Infrastructure investments will make the land more productive and consequently its value will rise. This is how land owners and the actual banks themselves, whose certainty in this growth is the way that business cycles work. At one late stage of the development the investments in infrastructure, they are not needed and the high cost of land makes its continued development unnecessary. At this point the inflation bubble bursts and we get a slump. Speculation in land values is what the tax-paying public creates due to the corresponding infrastructure changes. This above explanation is only part of the story but the principle is similar. The answer is to tax land values and not earnings, purchases, etc. This will stop speculation in land because it forces it to be properly used in accordance with its value.

  5. Hi, Howard. I agree that new money needs to come into the system at the bottom. The big question is how do we get that done, in a country where we are immersed in Right Wing economic propaganda that works very well on voters?

    It would be good to have a progressive media empire. Or a truth oriented media empire. One that would buy expensive research on how to effectively reach different groups of people with the truth. But that takes a lot of bucks and it would have to begin as a non-profit media corporation. Otherwise it would end up like Air America, that was in financial trouble just about every day of its short life. And I don’t see anyone out there with that level of bucks moving in that direction.

    • Howard Switzer

      Jill, yes, that is the question isn’t it, we know what needs to be done, now it is all about how. I watched Michel Moore’s movie, Who Do We Invade Next, finally last night and seeing the government of Slovenia fall becasue the population erupted in protest when it tried to put a price on education. Tunisia is another example of democracy erupting, and Iceland. It is growing elsewhere too becasue we all know it is a global crisis. Would like to encourage that here becasue it is possible when the people no longer believe the leader or the media. We’ve traded smiling fascism for frowning fascism but I believe the people were hoping to get rid of fascism.

  6. David, I like your idea about taxing land values. Still, the question remains, how to get this done in a country where we are immersed in Right Wing economic propaganda that works very well on voters.

  7. Howard, the people don’t know what fascism is in the U.S. Or they think it is a danger posed by “libtards”, progressives, or Democrats. And they think they are gladly avoiding that danger by electing the Great Savior of the Working Class and Middle Class, DJT.

    Plenty of people believe the leader. And it’s the “mainstream media” that people do not believe, or the ones who are labeled “mainstream” by the media that actually IS mainstream and is in control of the country. Right Wingers believe every lie that comes out of the Right Wing media like Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, and also the many Right Wing pundits and columnists included in Center and Left Wing media etc. Enough of the people believe Right Wing propaganda, to give the GOP control of all 3 branches of the federal government, most state legislatures, and most governorships. And that’s getting worse, not better.

    He who controls information and the media controls the world.