A Proposal for Eliminating Youth Unemployment

Pavlina R. Tcherneva presents her proposal for a Youth Employment Safety-net (YES!) at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Youth Unemployment in Times of Crisis “¡No Mas! Strategies and Alternatives”. Middlebury College, VT (starts at 38min 45secs)

2 responses to “A Proposal for Eliminating Youth Unemployment

  1. And here’s the real sweetener about many of those vocational artisan jobs… Those jobs involve the worker doing skilled work directly for the customer. That direct contact opens the possibility of self-employment. Those are not factory line jobs in monopoly industries where the choice is working at the wage set by the only employer or not working in that industry at all. The real employer is not the “boss”, the real employer, who the worker has direct access to, is the customer.

  2. Great presentation, thank you!