A Third Stimulus Package and Job Creation

Our own L. Randall Wray and Lawrence Mishel say that additional stimulus is needed to create jobs immediately.


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3 responses to “A Third Stimulus Package and Job Creation

  1. just being picky, but I think you mean to 'fund' jobs rather than to 'create' jobs.The things to do are already there pending funding.Also, the elr is not a 'stimulus program' but a program to mover from an unemployed labor buffer stock to an employed labor buffer stock.:)www.moslereconomics.com

  2. WPA? Wasn't the program also known as "We Piddle Around", "We Putter Along"…?

  3. 1. Right: the federal government only needs to fund the jobs; I favor decentralization of the program.2. WPA, CCC, and NYA "piddling around": built the Montana state capitol, much of the Chicago lakefront, NY's Lincoln Tunnel annd Tribourough Bridge, the TVA, 2500 hospitals, 45000 schools, 13,000 parks and playgrouds, 1000 airfields, and modernized rural America. It hired economists (Hyman Minsky), artists (Jackson Pollock), and musicians (Guthrie). If that is piddling, we need more! LR Wray