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Correa’s and Ecuador’s Success drive The Economist Nuts

By William K. Black
(Cross posted at Benzinga.com)

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has the special ability to drive our most elite media nuts.  Failures are self-refuting.  It is the successful that drive their opponents to distraction, and much of the media can barely contain its eagerness to write that Correa has failed.  In 2009, The Economist practically licked its lips in eager anticipation of what it hoped would be Correa’s (and Ecuador’s) failure due to the “country’s acute financial problems.”  Continue reading

German growth goes negative but Merkel’s press becomes more glowing

By William K. Black

It is good to be Angela Merkel.  Growth in Germany goes sharply negative in the last quarter of 2012 and press reports emphasize how sound the German economy is because it is a net exporter.  This article analyses how the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times presented the news about Germany’s economy.  I show that the presentation reveals more about the pathologies of our major media than about the pathologies of Germany and the Eurozone.

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