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Neil Delamere Talks Economics with Bill Black


NEP’s Bill Black talks economics and the Irish economy with Neil Delamere on Neil’s Sunday Best program. You can listen here.

Irish Fish, and Banks, Rot from the Head

By William K. Black
(Cross posted at Benzinga.com)

I’m back from my annual purifying rite – participating in Kilkenomics IV in Kilkenny, Ireland.  It was a big success again this year, with dozens of sold out events in which economists (and the odd criminologist) are paired with superb professional comedians who serve to keep things lively, understandable, and blunt.  Regular folks stop you on the street and talk to you for hours in the bars about economics.  This year, the organizers (Richard Cook and David McWilliams) added “young economist” awards for the equivalent of high school and junior high school awards.  The brilliant Dan Ariely and I had the privilege to help judge the final round of the competition.  Should you ever find yourself near Ireland in early November during the festival I encourage you to join us in Kilkenny.

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