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GOP Opposition to Lynch

Here is an excerpt from my most recent opinion piece at Al Jazeera.

Yesterday Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the nation’s 83rd attorney general. On April 23, the Senate voted to confirm her nomination after obstructing it for almost half a year. While their reasons were baseless and self-defeating, Republican leaders did not avail themselves of an excellent reason to reject her candidacy. That they ignored it speaks to our corrupt politics.

Shortly before confirmation, The New York Times ran with prominent placement an article titled “Republicans in quandary over vote on Loretta Lynch.” What was the dilemma GOP leaders faced?

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President Obama Should Apologize for Labelling Americans a Murderous Mob

By William K. Black
Quito: April 28, 2015

This column was prompted by Charles M. Blow’s excellent column about the slanderous way that the term “lynch mob” is used by the right-wing to denounce Americans whenever we protest police violence against (primarily) people of color. The protesters want justice. They do not want to lynch anyone. The same is true of the American people’s demands that the banksters be brought to justice.

President Obama, however, began his term of office by slandering the American people who wanted him to restore the rule of law and bring the banksters to justice. Simon Johnson and James Kwak, the authors of Thirteen Bankers, cite Obama’s claim to the 13 bankers at the infamous March 31, 2009 meeting so close to the start of his term of office that he was all that was protecting them from the public’s “pitchforks” as the defining event of the administration on financial issues.

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