Scotland Should Reject Independence and Form a Joint Football Team with England?

By William K. Black

I’ve explained in prior columns that the groups opposing Scotland reclaiming its independence have been feverishly switching from threats to bribes as the polls on the likely vote on independence became a toss-up.  My favorite proposed bribe was suggested by “Lord Prescott” – a Labor “Peer.”

“Lord Prescott also suggested a combined England and Scotland football team.

‘Perhaps if England and Scotland together had one team, we could at last beat the Germans – who knows?’ he said.”

Well, no.  First, the English football team is – perennially – the most overrated team in the world.  England’s defenders are terrible, its goalkeepers erratic, its best midfielders never played together successfully and are now retiring, and its strikers are rarely effective in big games.

Second, if England is going to form a joint team it should be with the Welsh, who have had (for 20 years) the best left-wing halfbacks in the UK.  The English have proven themselves incapable, for the same two decades, of fielding a left-sided midfielder capable of spreading caution, much less fear, in the opposition.

The UK could create an “All-Star” football team drawing from the entire UK plus Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and Germany would still be a three goal favorite in a match at a neutral stadium.  The English would, however finally pose a threat on their left side.  The bad news is that Germany is probably the best team in the world at shutting down such a threat.

I do like, however, the concept of a joint team approach to a real problem.  The Scottish government and the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) should start a criminal investigation of RBS’ senior officers’ conduct during the crisis era.

5 responses to “Scotland Should Reject Independence and Form a Joint Football Team with England?

  1. Thomas Bergbusch

    Well, the last time a Canadian (Owen Hargreaves, that is) played for England against Germany, England famously beat Germany 5–1 in the Olympiastadion! So may be Britain is on to something with Carney, whose interventions appear to be MMT-consistent. And then there is Gareth Bale.

  2. Well, bill. I think one of the problems with the England team is that no one else in the UK wants to play on a team which is called England. No one in Wales, Scotland etc. sound familiar?
    I’m a little out of my depth but it does feel most of the most threatening players come from elsewhere. That’s pro ball I guess.

  3. Perhaps rather than a referendum England should play Scotland to decide the issue. If Scotland win they get to declare independence – and if England win – well, they do !

  4. England gets to declare Scottish independence if England wins?

    • This is one of the standard reactions of the “rest of” to these separation questions. Some people think it is horrible that anyone could imagine tearing apart their country, some think good riddance.