What to Do With the Euro?

3 responses to “What to Do With the Euro?

  1. I am currently reading Super Imperialism by Michael Hudson after finishing Trade, Development and Foreign debt. I'm afraid he's not an extremely gifted writer or speaker but he's one of the few economists that specializes in debt and it's role in "modern economic warfare". I can't help but love the man. He is quite sincere and I think he's quite right as well. He's just a bit ahead of the troops as you can experience in this interview as well. His work needs more attention worldwide – especially from the social democratic parties and the movements on the left of them.

  2. @MarkoI love him too. I haven't got into Super Imperialism yet, but have read a lot of the posts on his website. I'd say his prose is workmanlike – not much flair, but it gets the points across very well and the ideas expressed are what matters in the end. I must admit I did smile a few times watching this when he went off on his numerous rants (which in some instances were a little tangential to the specific points under discussion). But I think that just reflects his passion for the subject and his sense of the injustice of our current historical predicament. The man should be classified a national treasure.

  3. I only found out the other day from the anthropologist David Graeber that Hudson is major figure in economic archaeology.I said, "Wha? I've always read him as a financial economist!"A man of many talents. Sometimes hard to keep up with. But there is a lot of substance there…