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  1. How about just about everything that came out of Boehner's mouth the other day at the Economic Club….

  2. Bronze Age Finance, 2500-1200 B.C.: How Mesopotamian Traditions of Debt Cancellation shaped Judaism and Christianity < Can this article by Hudson be found anywhere online? It is referenced in 1999 already, but I can neither find the book it's supposed to be in (The Tyranny of Debt), nor can I find any reference to it on Google Scholar.

  3. I haven't set it in type yet. Out early next year — I'm looking for abetter title. Michael Hudson

  4. I am of course not sure how accurate Wray's statement was, but something like "Bronze Age Usury: On the forgotten formative role of debt in shaping Judaism & Christianity"?Anyway, will look for the article then, then. 🙂