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Responses to MMP Blog #46: The Job Guarantee – Program Manageability

By L. Randall Wray Responses to MMP Blog #46: The Job Guarantee – Program Manageability Sorry, late yet again. One more week of teaching and then things should be less hectic. Note I had planned for 52 MMP blogs and … Continue reading

Coin Seigniorage: A Legal Alternative and Maybe the President’s Duty

By Joe Firestone (Cross-posted from (Author’s Note; Many thanks to lambert strether, beowulf, and Yves Smith for their reviews of this post) Well, the debt limit crisis is upon us. Treasury Secretary Geithner says the US Government will not be … Continue reading

QE3, Treasury Style—Go Around, Not Over the Debt Ceiling Limit

By Scott Fullwiler  Cullen Roche’s excellent post at Pragmatic Capitalism explains—via comments from frequent MMT commentator Beowulf (see here) and several previous posts by fellow MMT blogger Joe Firestone (see the links at the end of Cullen’s post and also … Continue reading


This website offers policy advice and economic analysis from a group of professional economists, legal scholars, and financial market practitioners . We started this blog in order to weigh in on the serious challenges facing the global economy following the … Continue reading