The Triumphant Return of NEP’s Podcast

By Stephanie Kelton

It’s been a long time, but I finally carved out enough time to record a new podcast. Although they’re my colleagues, Bill Black, Randy Wray and I see surprisingly little of one another these days. I did manage to catch up with Bill in Minneapolis last week, where I happened to be giving a talk (more on that in the coming days), but for the most part we’re all just trying to keep up with requests, which is a good problem to have when you think about it.

It was nice to slow down and talk with Randy this afternoon. We promised one another we’d do it more often. Anyway, here is today’s podcast.  We hope you enjoy it.

5 responses to “The Triumphant Return of NEP’s Podcast

  1. Many thanks for the new podcast, one question: would you consider devoting an episode to the (unique) monetary situation in Euroland?

  2. Yellen to Senate: “it will take “some years” before the economy returns to normal”

    Good Grief! It’s already been “some years”. If she thinks QE is helping, why end it? And if not, why continue it? It is not credible that what the economy really needs in order to take off like it has after previous recessions is a gradual tapering of QE. It makes no sense.

    If I were on the committee I’d want to know what she suggests could be done to reduce “some years” to “some months”.

  3. Glad to see the podcast is back!

  4. Superb discussion with Randy. An hour well spent for me.
    Particulary liked the observations on Accounting entries and the discussion about the history of ideas was fascinating. Palley doesn’t come out of it well.

  5. This is great, thanks!