Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

Obama commits Unilateral Disarmament as a Debt Ceiling Negotiator

By William K. Black

President Obama is getting ready to negotiate (or if you believe him, not negotiate) an extension of the debt limit.  The Republicans control the House and are promising to follow Donald Trump’s suggestion that they use what he called the “nuclear weapon” to terrorize the U.S. economy and people in order to gain negotiating leverage over Obama.  That act of treachery was designed to produce two other acts of betrayal of the American people.  First, Trump’s urged the Republicans to use their “nuclear weapon” to force Obama to inflict austerity on our Nation and force us back into recession.  Second, Trump urged the Republicans to use their leverage to force Obama to gut the safety net.  It is somehow fitting that Trump’s advice to act in unprincipled manner was designed to produce policies that would enrich the wealthy and cause immense harm to the Nation.

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