Preview of Modern Money and Public Purpose

Modern Money and Public Purpose is an eight-part, interdisciplinary seminar series held at Columbia Law School over the 2012-2013 academic year. The series aims to present new perspectives and progressive policy proposals on a range of contemporary issues facing the U.S. and global macroeconomy.

 Seminars will feature a mix of academics and practitioners on topics ranging from the history of debt and money and the structure of the financial system to economic human rights for the 21st century. Several of NEP’s contributors are participating throughout the year with the schedule available on the See Us Live page. You can view MMPP’s preview video below.


11 responses to “Preview of Modern Money and Public Purpose

  1. John O'Connell

    This is something that could have a real effect, but not for a generation. The people you (speakers) will be talking to are likely to be among those running the country in 30 years. Now get yourself into the curriculum at Harvard Law and Yale Law, and you’ll be on the way.

  2. Please ditch the tacky electronic “musac” that undercuts the authority of the series DRASTICALLY. Who is responsible for this “sound design” choice? Fire him/her.

  3. Meh… Yale & Harvard… pffft! If they want to keep teaching that “the world is flat” or that “the sun revolves around the earth”, then let them go ahead and do so. I would much rather see that the economics world comes to recognize the brilliance of UMKC (and other MMT) economists at other (“less recognized”) schools than wait for the haughty “salt water” noses to come down from their lofty perches. It may take a generation, but when their school of thought is finally and definitively relegated to the irrelevance it deserves, it will be no less sweet a victory.
    “… yet it moves” – Galileo

    • Agreed.

      MMT needs one or two nationally viewed debates with the “pre-1971 gold bugs.” I’d love to see Professor Mosler and/or Wray go after Mankiw and even Ezra Klein and Krugman none of which really gets reserve accounting, coin senignioage, and the function of revenue (tax and interest rate policy) in a fiat system.

  4. Are these going to be recorded? Would love to get down to NYC for one or two of these but I don’t think I could make the first two. Would be very interested in watching these though, let me know!

  5. yeah the music is pretty lame. Why/how did that get on there?

  6. Lol there’s nothing wrong with the music…though most people would be a little bewildered by it, agreed.

  7. If you guys don’t like the music I recommend the song that may be about Mosler: Fort Minor’s Rememeber The Name

    Maybe we should make it the MMT anthem

  8. I sure as shit hope this gets you guys on the mainstream map

    And speaking of Ivy League universities, I still think we can win over Paul Krugman. He’s not one of those ideologues that he keeps fighting.

    • Yes he is, he’s closeted.

      He knows that his support for post Keynesian orthodoxy cannot be justified if he also supports MMT axioms. He risks losing his precious role as Wall St’s Punditmaximus Economus.

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