Marshall Auerback Appears on BNN: ECB Bond Purchase Program

Marshall Auerback appeared on the September 6th episode of BNN’s Business Day discussing the ECB’s bond purchase plan. You can view it here.


2 responses to “Marshall Auerback Appears on BNN: ECB Bond Purchase Program

  1. Hannibal Lecter is, I think, a better comparison for the ECB than Kathy Bates.
    Kathy Bates’ character was at least in love with her ‘patient’ even if she did have a funny way of showing it.

  2. The Dork of Cork

    The destruction of the Euro is not so bad Marshall , why do you want this Trojan horse to remain for the night inside former nation states Castle Gates ?
    Countries can Print their own local currencies to restore domestic demand and reduce the waste inherent in the extreme interconnectivity of euro trade and especially capital interactions just as Ireland did a little bit during the last EMU crisis of 1992/93.
    Greece ,Ireland Spain etc would be fine if they just reduced the export of hard currency which is destroying their internal economies yet enriching Arab sheiks and German BMW merchants.