William K. Black on the MF Global Cover-up: “All those that doeth Evil hateth the light!”

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  1. Prof. William K. Black, you are the pre-eminent Hero of We the People in our time. You are the Man of Light, Truth, and Justice for the century. May your name ring forever in the pages of history, on a par with that of your namesake, William the Conquerer (“Johnny the Concaloo” in early R&B, you may recall), but with a higher purpose. William K. Black, you are our pre-eminent *Leader of Light*.

    My late father, Carver William Blanchard, was a most honorable, constantly innovative, small business owner in New Orleans, whose praxis was as impeccable as it was successful; so I KNOW that there was a time when American business owners prospered as honest, free men. Since I worked in his business for a time, I was a witness to his praxis and his success, and moreover a facilitator of the same. What the Enemies of the People did to destroy honest, prosperous American businesses together with their staff and management; what they did to corrupt and destroy our honest, justly regulated banking system, savings and loan system, and insurance system, from the mid-sixties unto 2008, was a series of deep, dark crimes. You shed your incomparable light on these crimes in the past, and you have been doing it again, rising to do your duty as an American Patriot of epic strength, courage, and magnanimity.

    “And God said: Let there be light. And there was light.” (KJB: Genesis 1: 3). But there is no “Deus ex Machina” in reality to bring light to human praxis on the world’s stage. Only “good” people can do this. In order for justice to prevail, “good men” must DO SOMETHING: they must shine their light into the darkness where perhaps even angels fear to tread. They must stand up to wicked men and their machines, to their lies and fraud. They must exercise their freedom of speech and freedom of the press, telling what they know to be the truth in reality.

    This you are doing, Prof. Black, and with your stupendous Authority. You are in fact the “genius” that Prof. Harold Bloom thought could not arise in our depleted society (“GENIUS: A Mosaic of One Hundred Exemplary Creative Minds”). He writes: “Authority, which has vanished from Western culture, was convincingly traced by Hannah Arendt to Roman rather than Greek or Hebrew Origins. In ancient Rome, the concept of authority was foundational. *Auctoritas* derived from the verb *augere*, ‘to augment,’ and authority always depended upon augmenting the foundation, thus carrying the past alive into the present.” By this definition Prof. Bloom surpasses T.S. Eliot (“Tradition and the Individual Talent”) in comprehension. You have this *auctoritas* in your being, Prof. Black, hence your Voice of Authority is heeded.

    William K. Black, as a grounded Authority and Man of the People, do continue to speak truth, to do justice, to shine your light into the darkness, so that generations of Americans will wake up from the opaque nightmare that has kept us paralyzed for fifty years, created by evil men who profit from doing damage to us in darkness, who hate the light. Do you recall–before we were “informed” that “plastics” was the future in “The Graduate”–the pleasure of drinking beverages out of CLEAR, clean, safe GLASS? Do you recall how BigOil brought the effective ruin of Dow Corning through its Blitz against recyclable glass containers, and effectively killed glass manufacturing in the U.S.A.–through its monopoly on the supply of containers, wrought by its Blitz of relentless propaganda and its elimination of the competition (killing the very soul of “free-enterprise” which is competition)? Well, below is how a *Leader of Light* might lead We the People to effect a rapid reversal of this travesty of American business praxis, asserting ourselves as Agents of Destiny:

    News of the Dart-Solo merger was just published today at a major news outlet. Let us ACT QUICKLY: short Dart-Solo or buy puts to beat the band, and buy calls and stock in recyclable glass producers. Our “Leaders of Light” must immediately organize We the People to boycott all plastic containers, and insist upon beverage and food CONTAINERS MADE IN THE U.S.A. of RECYCLABLE, NON-POLLUTING, NON-POROUS glass and metal. The advertising Blitz and word-of-mouth “CAMPAIGN for LIGHT” must begin immediately, in conjunction with this organization of We the People into “Agents of Light” in C21, against the forces of darkness across the spectrum of American life. “OCCUPY CONTAINMENT” might serve as a motto, relating to the Movement already in progress. We the People CAN “do something.” Now, WILL we?

    Will the brave American truth-teller and patriot, Michael Ruppert, rise to the occasion to lead We the People in this campaign? Since, as he insists, our Old World Dependent on BigOil (“plastics” monopoly) must “COLLAPSE,” and since he believes in the ability of We the People to triumph over despair, to change ourselves in order to ameliorate our condition, will Mr. Ruppert now join you as a “Leader of Light” in this concrete effort to break our bonds to the forces of darkness, as our own Agents of Destiny in the Light?

    Prof. Black, you and Michael Ruppert are but two examples of the ATLAS who will not shrug. Lead us on!

  2. Call to Arms: When will Mountain Valley, Poland Spring, and other American Spring Water suppliers return to RECYCLABLE GLASS CONTAINMENT ONLY of the most vital, most precious commodity given to us by Mother Earth? When will Evian and S. Pellegrino/Acqua Panna and other European firms do likewise, helping We the People of the World to live in the Light? Will these great commercial water suppliers deign to HONOR their product, the Earth, and the People, by restricting the containment of their water to clear, clean, safe glass containers that encourage the People of the World to be good stewards of the Earth and her finite bounty? Will they change their submissive praxis, and become *Leaders of Light*?

  3. Prof. Black, as you know, Distinguished Prof. Michael Hudson has been speaking out very clearly as a *Leader of Light* anent our failed economic system and what radical change is obligatory. He has made brilliantly clear arguments (posted at http://michael-hudson.com) on the “Renegade Economists radio show” and in interview with Max Keiser at RT – “Keiser Hudson re meaning of Free Trade.” His comments frame the “Film: Real Estate 4 Ransom” – a stupendously enlightening film that everyone should see; and he tells us about the excitement of the Italians at the Rimini MMT Conference, featuring the Patriarchs of the “KC Consensus,” over the potential of creative Italians to escape bondage to Old Europe’s darkness.

    Is it not TIME for the New Economist/Criminologist Nexus at UMKC to square the “Political Economy” circle in the U.S.A.? It is precisely the time for the “KC Consensus” to replace the “Washington Consensus.” How do we know? Because “The Destroyers of Worlds” have nuked their own corrupt system, and the World is READY to embrace the only viable means of immediate re-birth. The “KC Consensus” has given birth to the American Phoenix rising from the nuclear ash. And, as the “Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam” would state the case:
    “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”

    Today ZH covered Gretchen Morgenson’s interview on 23 March 2012 – “Wall Street Really Does Enjoy A Different Set of Rules Than The Rest of Us” – to be heard at CHRIS MARTENSON.COM. This shows that the Mass Market is coming round.

    The “Washington Consensus” is DONE. Wall Street pimps for Private Profit are finished.

    Prof. Black, you know it, Michael Hudson knows it, Max Keiser knows it, Gretchen Morgenson knows it, and We the People know it, down to our vital marrow: “The Destroyer of Worlds” is done. The UMKC *Leaders of Light* have birthed the American Phoenix, and there is no turning back to a ruined, anachronistic system. Professors William K. Black and Michael Hudson, the TIME for the “KC Consensus” to seize the day is upon you. “Life belongs to the bold” and the Force is with you–“You are in the Tao.” Go turn the tide. Lead on.

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