William K. Black Comments On the JOBS Act

For more on the JOBS Act, see this interview William K. Black.

5 responses to “William K. Black Comments On the JOBS Act

  1. Very interesting that the JOBS ACT has a 76-26 vote passed by a Congress that bitterly opposes everything Pres. Obama proposes. The changes from the previous jobs act of 2011 made in this jobs act are being proposed by the Serial-compromising wall street Democrat, Barack Obama. This should raise a huge red flag? You basically are not even hearing a peep of a hint of a discussion around this JOBS ACT. The Media is also basically silent?
    FRAUD is the key word that should be in the title of the FRAUDULENT JOBS ACT?

  2. roger erickson

    Just call it the ROBS ACT

  3. Professor Black. I posted this around various places I frequent on the net and on my FB page as well. The Texas S&L crooks pretty much ruined my career in the 1980’s and I could see it happening in 1984, long before anything was done. I officed in the same building with Western Savings, working for a small mortgage broker. There were stretch Rolls Royces in the basement of this place. Rumor was 3 or 4 of the prime culprits were swapping bad loans between them to cover their tracks. Also, the regulators couldn’t get into the S&L’s because the banks would double their salaries and they would quit and go to work for the banks before they looked. When I was calling on subdivisions almost entirely built out with almost no one living there, it was clear something was wrong.

  4. Connor Ashby

    I cannot connect with William K. Black through the UMKC School of Law website. Do you have an email address for him so that I can contact him?

  5. roger erickson

    Bill’s email & phone are listed here